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Planned activities


WP1 – Project Management

This WP integrates project activities of planning, accompanying and monitoring. It will be lead by the project coordinator supported by the Steering Committee that includes a representative of each partner. The coordinator will be responsible for performing the co-ordination activities, namely: acting as the intermediary between the participants and the EC for all communications including project reporting, cost statements, monitoring project activities, ensuring deliverables, for distributing funding, etc. This Work Package includes the following tasks:

T1.1. Setting up(month 3) and maintenance(months 4-12) of an electronic platform for the support of the communication inside the project (workflow and groupware). The platform will allow management of activities, resources, communication and files share.

T1.2. Project meetings (each month ). In each meeting there will be an internal evaluation of each activity accordingly to the information delivered by each WP leader and next activities planning. Supported by the views expressed by the external evaluator, corrective actions will be taken whenever necessary.

T1.3. Reporting, that includes an intermediate reports and a final report. The administrative and financial management of the project comprises the responsibility of reporting to the BRCT Timisoara.

E2.1 Description of outcomes and users

This WP will produce minutes of meetings, project reports, cost statements and the electronic platform for project support that will keep record of the collaboration performed among partners. Meeting minutes are internal to the project and will be incorporated in the public reports. This WP is essential to set up, motivate and activate the project team.

WP2 – Quality Assurance and Evaluation

This WP is dedicated to the planning of the process of quality assurance of the approach and results of the project. It will be accomplished through a continuous process of monitoring WPs’ progress, internal and external evaluation and products test. The tasks included in this WP are as follows:

T2.1. Planning: Design of a detailed plan for monitoring and evaluation activities

T2.2. Monitoring: Each WP leader will make a trimestral report of the state of development of the tasks. Based on the information contained in these reports, which are submitted through the project electronic platform, the coordinator will decide either to act immediately or to take it to the next Steering Committee meeting.

T2.3. Internal evaluation: In each meeting, the reports referred in Task 2.2.will be analyzed and, if necessary, alternative measures will be discussed.

T2.4. External evaluation: A team of external evaluators will be called to participate in the formative and summative evaluation of the project. This intervention will result in  one final report beside the project accompanying trough a monitoring mechanism based in indicators related to the evaluation criteria.

E2.1 Description of outcomes and users

This WP will ensure that the project is proceeding as planned and the implementation of corrective measures whenever there are deviations to the initial plan. As results there will be 2 reports of external evaluation.

The products resulting from this WP are reserved to internal use for management of the project and externally will be used for project validation. These results will facilitate the audit process to be taken by the financing entity.


WP3 – Development of the tender Process

The tasks to be developed under this WP are:

T3.1. Realization to tender procedure

T3.2. Conception of documents

T3.3. Acquisition of equipment and services

This WP will produce all the conception and realization of the tenders including the supply and services.

2.2 Profile of outcomes


WP4 – Content and Activity Development

This WP integrates the tasks related to the production of contents and activities in the ambit of the synthesis for each cross border partners the patrimonial crafting activities and pedagogical model for the young people and women..

T4.1. Collecting the information’s about patrimonial crafting activities (pottery, painting on glass, weaving, knitting, e.g.);

T.4.2. Development to pilot craft manufactory in Romania and Serbia

T4.2. Development of contents, including interactive multimedia materials for the training

T4.3. Integration of contents and activities in the electronic platform

T4.4. Development of mentoring model

T.4.5. 2 Mini fairs and final exhibition

This WP is aimed at the development of contents and activities. The final result will be the course, craft products and expositions.

The work package concerns the development of a concrete output (material, synthesis, event, training materials, reports etc).


WP5 – Motivation and Training

This WP corresponds to the implementation of the prototype of the training phase. It includes the following activities:

T5.1. Identification of people susceptible of becoming trainees. It includes divulgation of the project, enrolment registration, identification of the profile of the candidates and selection

T5.2. Implementation of the training component, in 3 craft ateliers and  10 workshops

T.5.3. Constitution of the pool that integrates specialists from each country with a clear definition of each one competence

T5.4. Evaluation of the training phase develop skills in the participants (using the end-product, transfer of knowledge etc)

T5.5. Mentoring in the creation and incubation of the enterprise in craft activities.


WP6 – Dissemination

T6.1.Website including information on the project objectives, plan of activities, partners, results and information on population from cross border area.

T.6.2.Publicity elements on the project, including flyers and brochures: Brochure, Guide.

T.6.3. Film presenting the traditional craft activities

T.6.3.Final conference for presentation of results.

T.6.4.Media campagne.

The results of this WP are aimed at direct dissemination among the target audience (website, publicity elements, and newsletter) but also to institutions possibly interested in replicating the model, such as training organizations and institutions related with the promotion of new businesses.


WP7 – Valorization and Exploitation of Results

This WP consists on the determination of processes of multiplication and generalization of the results achieved in the project, either by widening the geographic scope of project and its possible commercial exploration.

T7.1. Contact with local and regional entities and authorities

T7.2. Definition of a business craft model for the exploitation of the project results

T8.3. Contact with enterprise associations and other authorities in other countries/regions not directly involved in the project

This WP will produce a report on a business plan to be adopted for the valorization and exploitation of the project results. This will be an operational report and will allow an easy adoption of good practices identified in the project.



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